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Lumampao Cuenca Batangas

Lumampao is an area in Cuenca, Batangas feautring Taal Lake. Before you reach Lumampao you have to take a thousand step stairs. You can check on these blogs for photos

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Beach Resort for Christmas

Do you know a good resort in Batangas to celebrate Christmas?
How much will it cost?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Home Town Resort in San Pascual Batangas

How did you enjoy your Home Town Resort visit?

                                                          I realize that swimming in wavepools are a lot more fun to do than waves in the open sea. Maybe, because wavepools are artificial, people appreciate it more. All are mesmerized! Additionally, people are less scared because waves in pools are controlled or more predictable than sea. There are wave variations in wave pool but at least you are safer because wave pools are much narrower than the sea! (no sharks also hahaha) Watch more videos and shout with them!


 Nothing beats the comfort of a hometown resort!
If you're looking for a wave pool, check My Home Town Resort in San Pascual, Batangas, Philippines

List of Resorts and Swimming Pools in San Pascual Batangas

List of Resorts in San Pascual Batangas

Villa Ester
Natanuan South, San Pascual

Resort with a long slides are the best!

La Promeesa
Brgy. Bayanan, San Pascual

My Hometown
Del Pilar, San Pascual

My Hometown have a Wave Pool?! Cool!

Hacienda Marcelo Resort
A resort and hotel (Im not sure if they have Swimming Pool)
Silang St. Bayanan-Laurel Boundary, San Pascual, Batangas, 4203 Batangas City

If you're living near San Pascual and wants to celebrate your event such as birthday, baptism, debut, wedding in a resort, you can inquire with these resorts.

Resort in Tuy Batangas

Unlike nearby provinces like Nasugbu and Lian where Matabungkay resords are located, Tuy in Batangas only have few resorts. By the way, for those unfamiliar, Tuy is read as "Too-Wee". Some say it fast 'Twi'

The only resort in Tuy I'm familiar with is Villa Gavana. Villa Gavana is located in Mataywanac, Tuy, Batangas. You can review Villa Gavana resort at their facebook page https:/

Visit Villa Gavana Water resort and enjoy their swimming pool!
While you're in Tuy at their Festival, don't miss the chance to watch the Kambingan Festival dances(Goat Festival).  Mee!!
Here's a sample from You Tube.

Let's Go to Sto. Tomas, Batangas Resorts

List of Resorts in Sto Tomas Batangas

If you have reviews, feedbacks with these resorts, please share on the comments

1. Villa Luciana Hall and Resorts

Location Sta Clara Sto Tomas, Batangas City
Phone 0920 547 1521

2.ANECY Resort
#39 Barangay Sta. Maria Sto. Tomas, Batangas

3.King Solomon Resort
Liza Compound, Sto.Tomas, Batangas

More resorts in

Saturday, August 30, 2014

List of Resorts and Swimming Pools in Lipa Batangas

Resorts in Lipa holds an advantage with Laiya, Nasugbu and Anilao because of its cool weather and being nearer in Metro Manila.  Lipa City is one of the coldest places in Batangas but during summer and special occasions, Lipa should still offer relaxing resorts and refreshing swimming pools.

I expected this list of resorts and tourist destination in Lipa to be long since Lipa is one of the most commercialized places in Batangas.  Furthemore, Lipa is also one of the cities in Batangas with highest population.It is only natural to supply more accomodations and resorts with more potential customers.

Tour  around on the list below and tell us what you think.

El Grande Residencia and Resort
San Carlos, Lipa City

El Madero Farm and Resort
Phone: 043-3121317 / 043-7571665
Facebook Page:

Mountain Rock Resort
Barangay Talisay, 4217 Lipa City

La Leona Resort
Sampaguita, Lipa, City, Batangas

Bluroze Farm Lipa
Purok 6, Brgy. Lodlod, Lipa City, Philippines 4217
Contact Number : (043) 756-5452

The Farm at San Benito
119 Barangay Tipakan,4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club
Barangay Dagatan, Lipa City 4217, Batangas, Philippines

Basseri De Lipa
Barangay Sto. NiƱo,Lipa City

Kawilihan Resort

La Finca Farm and Country Resort

Luntian Resort

Onsemiro Hotel and Resort

Green Leaf Resort

Other nearby resorts in Lipa are found in Mataas Na Kahoy and San Jose, Batangas

La Virginia Resort

Shercon Resort

Valentino Resort and Spa
Barangay Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose, Batangas

List of Resorts in Padre Garcia

Unlike neighboring municipalites, there are few famous resorts in Padre Garcia.  For those who do not know, Padre Garcia is known as the Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines.

Here are some resorts in Padre Garcia that I discovered online and their corresponding websites

1. Villa Antonina Resort

2. Farm View Resort
Quilo-Quilo South, Padre Garcia, Batangas
0921 282 9796

3.Anber Garden Resort
Quilo-Quilo North, Padre Garcia, Batangas
0916 351 4247

I encourage you to visit their facebook pages to browse through their room and accomodation pictures and to check their kiddie and adult swimming pools.

List of Resorts in Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

Rosario is near San Juan where you can found the famous Laiya beaches. However, unlike San Juan, there are no beaches and sea shore in Rosario. Rosario is surrounded by land mass of San Juan, Padre Garcia, Taysan and Lobo. Maybe, this is the reason why businessmen and  people of Rosario opted to build several resorts, gardens and swimming pools to enjoy. The resort and the swimming pool pictures  looks promising and some are under going construction and renovation.

When I started my search for Rosario resorts, I easily found out about  Barcelona Garden Resort.
Details for other resort are harder to find but one by one they also appear and I become restless.

I'm amazed with the numbers of resorts, gardens, private pools in Rosario, Batangas.
I truly believe that there are more out there.

I hope that in some way, I made the search easier for you!
What are you waiting for? Choose and jump in to your dream destination in Rosario!

Villa Teresita Alupay

Balai Ising Garden Resort
Putingkahoy, Rosario, Batangas

Tan Ville Garden Resort
Namunga, Rosario, Batangas

Villa Crisanta
Rosario, Batangas

La Consuelo Spring
151 L.Grenas Street, Brgy. B, 04225 Rosario, Batangas

James Eden Resort
Masaya, Rosario, Batangas

Victoria Spring
Rosario, Batangas

Sa Kubo Resort
Namuco, Rosario, Batangas

Mango Grove Resort and Catering Services
San Ignacio, Rosario, Batangas

Famous Island Destination in Batangas

Batangas is widely known as gifted with beaches. But there are islands to be explored and enjoyed in Batangas too:

1.Fortune Island 
Located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Why is it famous? Crumbling replica of Acropolis.


2.Ligpo Island
Located in San Luis, Batangas.  Experience an accomodation and resort in an island. Snorkelingl and diving are the top activities.

3.Verde Island 
 One of the best diving places in the Philippines.  Here you can discover a nudibrach and other colorful  marine creatures.

In Anilao, Manibi, and Tingloy  area, you can even enjoy an island hopping. Some of the islands to explore are Sombrero island, Bonito Island,Maricaban Island.

Resort in Rosario, Batangas

Have you heard of Barcelona Garden Resorts in Rosario?
I stumbled on them on You tube videos. You may want to consider it as your  private resort wedding venue or a place for celebrating anniversary, debut, and reunions.

Barcelona Garden Resorts is located in Barangay 25, Maalas-as,Rosario,Batangas, Philippines
and their email address is

Some Barcelona Garden Resorts listed amenities are Air Conditioned Cottages , Picnic Cottages
Nipa Huts, Exclusive Pools (kiddie Pools and adult pools), Pavillion with lights and sounds and Videoke.

You can visit and review their resort in
Their facebook contains photos and albums too

As you may have noticed, I'm not greart in reviewing and sharing more info about the resort.
My info about the resort is limited because I haven't experieced it. Here are feedback that may entice you more  from other bloggers

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Resorts in Tanauan Batangas

Tanauan is one of the nearest part of Batangas to Manila. If you have little travel time to spare, Sto. Tomas as well as Tanauan resorts are good choices.

You don't need to go deep in Batangas to have a good resort experience. Tanauan offers both public and private resort.  Tanauan will also offer you a good view of the Taal Volcano. We're listing some of the resorts in Tanauan here and there corresponding websites or facebook pages.

Most of them serves as outing venues for family bonding and team building.  Other also offers catering for big occasions like birthday and wedding celebrations.

1. Awilihan Resort

2. Hacienda Darasa

3. Montecillo De Leon Resort


4.Tierra Salva Lake View Resort


5.Alon Garden Resort

6. Averosa Resort
Averosa Resort Facebook Page

7.Armigero Resort

8. Sucasa Resort

9. La Deste Resort

10. Uncle Vince Place

11.Villa Carandang Resort

12.Villa Glover Resort

There are more resorts and swimming pool in Tanauan, Batangas and the list will go on as more resorts are being opened.  You can also check this site for other resorts in Tanauan

White House Garden Villas Resort in Tanauan Batangas

White House Garden Villas Resort in Tanauan

Another resort with swimming pool batangas is located in Tanauan, Batangas. It is known as the White House Garden Villas Resort.

Here are some photos taken from White House.  They have Pavilion, Pools, Dormitory
White House, Garden, Nipa Houses. Of course you can also enjoy videoke and billiards.

I also found a video from you tube where you can tour around a resort like a virtual tourist.
You can also check their resort website in White House Garden Villas

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Spotted resorts going to Talisay

Tanauan and Talisay, Batangas are far from the sea beach but they are located near Taal Lake.

I found two advertisements along the road. Actually, there are so much more but I captured Awilihan resort and Villa Caloocan only.

Awilihan Resort

Villa Caloocan Beach Resort

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alahbiga Beach Resort Review

Alahbiga Beach Resort

Here is a glimpse on what to expect on Alahbiga Beach Resort

I watched this video on youtube and this video made me feel that sharing is a must!
Alahbiga is located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

For the resort rates, you can view on their website or  in  Alahbiga Beach resort rates

If you want to know more about this resort , you can use the Alahbiga  resort contact information below


(Laiya), Hugom, Sitio Biga,San Juan, Batangas

(043) 575-8221

0906-226-2277 (Globe)
0928-554-7082 (Smart)
0908-881-4050 (Smart)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

100 Facebook Likes for Best Beach Resorts in Batangas !

100 Facebook Likes for Best Beach Resorts in Batangas !

This week, our facebook page Batangas Beach Resorts Facebook reached  100 likes.
Is that a big deal? For someone who didn't expect to blog about beaches, share the beauty of Batangas and create a facebook page, of course it really means something.

 I confess that there are big improvements for the articles and photos in here but I still hope that each one of you will find a value on this blog even if in a single blog post or in just one picture.

There was a decrease in visitors this month but I'm glad that the FB page still reach 100 before the official end of summer 2014.  I'm sure that more visitor's will see this blog again on upcoming 'ber' months especially on Christmas season. They'll be back and you'll be back.

Let's promote Batangas and Philippine Tourism. 

Promoting tourism means more people will have more fun and more jobs.
If you want to like and share the FB page, this is the link Batangas Beach Resorts Facebook Page
Check it for cheap Batangas destinations, affordable beach resorts, and high-class resorts!

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List of Resorts in Talisay, Batangas

Talisay also offers beaches and resorts. In Talisay, you'll to enjoy a different view of the famous Taal Volcano. In Tagaytay, you'll witness a top view of Taal Volcano but in Talisay you'll get a much closer view.

The list below was derived from  On this government site, you'll get to discover more about Talisay and nearby tourist attractions.

4 C’s Beach Resort  

Casa Rosa Resort by the Lake

Club Balai Isabel
One of the most popular and biggest resort in Talisay!  It even served as a wedding venue of celebrities and team building site of huge companies in the Philippines.

Foothills Resort and Restaurant

Jung Ang Interventure Corp

Kay Liling Resort
Located in Barangay Banga. Their page is

Leynes Resort
Natalia’s Guest House

Rockfort Lake Resort
San Roque Paradise Resort
Taal Lake Boat Services
Taal Lake Yacht Club
Taal Volcano Boat Rental
Talisay Greenlake Resort
Tantiongco’s Resort
Tourister Picnic Place
Tropical Jungle Resort
Villa Amparo Resort
Villa Caloocan Beach Resort

Website: ,

Villa Khristalene Resort
Villa Manalo Beach Resort

Im still verifying this out.  But I believe all beach resorts may refer to LAKE RESORTS ! not a sea beach.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Resort in Lipa: El Madero Resort

El Madero Resort

Brgy. Bagong Pook, Lipa City, Batangas
Official Website:

Kids love swimming and they like trampling on the pool water. 
When my aunt made a promise to her child, she had nothing to do but organize a a sudden 
family outing to El Madero resort. 

Due to excitement, only few photos were taken.  But, its ok they enjoyed their stay at the resort. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

More Photos on Casa Corazon Resort

More pictures from Casa Corazon

Do you  want to have a ride on this bike?  On my previous post Casa Corazon Review, I shared about the unique Cosa Corazon. It is a resort filled with vintage cars and motorbikes.  Most of them are BMW just like striking red BMW above.  Here are the additional photos from the resort.

This is the swimming pool of Casa Corazon.   It's under maintenance when we went here last year

This bahay kubo is surrounded by a collection of cars, bikes, and motorbikes, and colorful birds.
The rock looking thing near the roof is actually a bike covered in brown cloth.

Honda Motorbikes

They also have vintage Honda Bikes.  These bikes are small.  too small!!

One, two, three, ...seventeen? I lost count.

Can you see the door handle?  It's not on the side.

How does it feel to be an Asian princess?  Casa Corazon also have collection of Asian antiques and Asian arts . Its like a mini museum.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fun Trivia: I'm a Sailing Banana Boat

Do you know that when you rearrange the letters from the phrase 'I'm a Sailing Banana Boat', you'll get a famous summer destination in Batangas?
You'll arrive to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Suncrest: Resort with Swimming Pool in Taal, Batangas

Suncrest Tropical Resort and Events Place Review

Suncrest is a newly opened resort in Balisong, Taal Batangas.
It's around  5 minutes away from Taal Town proper and Taal Basilica.  It opened its door just last March 2013.

Suncrest is perfect for celebrating birthdays, debuts, weddding, company outings, and team building activities.

Suncrest resort is perfect for sudden trips or sudden need for swimming pools for Taalenos and Batanguenos.

How much is the entrance fee?
Suncrest entrance fee is 100 pesos for Adult and 80 pesos for kids 3ft and below.

How much is the fee for Gazebo and Tables?
Gazebo which is good for 10 persons costs 500 pesos while tables which are good for 6 persons costs 300 pesos each.  I think they only have around 5 gazebos but they have a big funcion hall.

Furthermore, you can rent the whole suncrest resort exclusively for your family or friends
for 20,000 pesos. This includes the big function hall. If you don't need the function hall, you can negotiate with the management.  I think you can have a deal as low as 12,000 pesos for the use of pool and gazebos.

Suncrest Resort Review

What I like about Suncrest?
It is near Taal town proper. It is near the main highway and it is not hard to find.
Actually, it is just a walking distance from the highway. But since its my first time,
I paid a tricycle driver to accompany me going to the resort. The short ride costs me just 20pesos.

You can rent Suncrest exclusively for your family or friends at an affordable price.
Don't worry about the parking lot because they have enough
And most of all, the resort is clean and well maintained.

What I dont like about Suncrest Resort?
No beach. ( I didn't expect one cause its not near the ocean)
Due to extreme hot weather, the swimming pool water is too hot. It gives me a feeling that I'm in a hot sring. It's a good thing that the water temperature improves as the sun sets.

I'm confused if there is a comfort room or toilet dedicated for boys and girls.
There are two separate comfort rooms but I found no labels in it.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Very Relaxing Resort: Vivere Azure Resort

 Vivere Azure Resort

One of my most unexpected encounter of a really beautiful resort with a magnificent view happened in Vivere resort.

Here is a photo that captivated my attention and then my heart.
Vivere resort is a lovely place.

More pictures and details on the resort are present on

Thursday, May 1, 2014

List of Beach Resorts in Anilao Mabini Batangas

Here is a list of Beach Resorts in Anilao Mabini Batangas and other nearby areas.  Most of these resort offers snorkeling and scuba diving

Dive Solana

Air-conditioned rooms, Cable TV, Free wifi , Towels, Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner, Complete Bedding, Electrical outlets for flat 220v, Power Generator, Shower water heater and bidet, Complimentary Mineral Water
Acitivities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Island Hopping, Massage services

Casita Ysabel

Wooden bridge, snorkeling, svuba diving, kayaking, sailboat, island boat trips, balinese inspired casitas, spa services

Vivere Azure

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

List of Beach Resort in Lemery Batangas

List of Beach Resort in Lemery Batangas

Lemery is one of the busiest town in Batangas.
Its easy to reach Lemery because there are buses in Manila that passes through SLEX and Lipa Startollway and goes directly to Lemery. Furthermore, there are also vans that travels from Manila to Lemery. You can also reach Lemery from Tagaytay road.  Regardless which route you choose, the travel time is roughly 2-3 hours.

From Lemery town proper, you can rent a tricycle and pay 80 pesos (as of May 2014)  to reach your selected beach resort in Nonong Casto.

You can choose for your Lemery resort on the long list below. Most, if not all,  are located in Nonong Casto, Lemery, Batangas.  You also view other pictures on this page Resorts in Lemery.

What to expect in Lemery Beaches?

Don't expect white sands in Lemery!  Nonong Casto beaches is covered with black, fine sands.
I'm sorry but no turquoise blue water also.  So why should you go?  Its a beach near Manila. The rates are cheap. Entrace fee is very affordable. Some resorts are offering as low as 50 pesos for the entrance and 500 pesos for the cottage.   You can ride a boat going to a hot spring, island, or white sand beach for additional fee.  You can also enjoy your favorite sports in Lemery beaches.  Want to play volleyball?

A Santos Resort
Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, Restaurant, Snack bar, Videoke hall, Lounge, Beach volleyball court, Basketball court, Boating,  leisure activities, Billiard hall, Picnic huts, Beach cottages, Pavilion

Abaksa Beach Resort

Leonor Beach Resort
Native cottages, Nipa huts, Swimming pools, Convenience stores, Spacious parking lots

Beach volleyball, Billiards, Basketball, Badminton, Entertainment (Acoustic performances,Rock Bands, OPM performances during summer weekends), Videoke machines

Heart of D' Ocean

La Suena Brisa Resort
Grand Villas, wi-fi access, infinity pool with color logic lights, big function roms, restaurant and catering services, aviary, table tennis, billiard, bar, restaurant, children playgorund

Villa Gracia Beach Resort
Basketball court,volleyball court, children swimming pool, oudoor swimming pool, BBQ pit, fishing, internet access, picnic area, beach, garden, karaoke,restaurant

CML Beach Resort and Water Park
New addition to the thriving beach resorts in Lemery Batangas.
Enjoy their new facilities. Try their super long and winding slides.

Just from the entrance gate, you can tell that CML is one of the best resort in Lemery.
Their rate is higher than nearby resorts but their amenities is clearly better.

List of Beach Resorts in Lian Batangas

Lian Batangas Beach Resorts

Balsa (Floating rafts) and White sands is the trademark of Lian and Matabungkay beaches.
If you are searching for beach resorts in Lian, you can select on the list of resort below

Bella Beach Resort
Activities: Swimming pool, BBQ/Grill, Billiard Table, Children's play area, Videoke, Snorkeling, Balsa(floating beach raft), Boat Tours
Events: Bella Beach Band Nights, Town Fiesta, Balsa festival

Tide Water Resort
Facilities:Infinity pool, bath house, pavilion & Bar, Activity area, kayaking, snorkeling, frisbee out door bar

Cafe Caballero, Wave Music Lounge & Sports Bar, pool bar, Playa Grill, Cogon Bar,
Outdoor games, laser tag, kiddie and adult swimming pools. water sports facilities, souvenir shop. basketball court, outdoor chessboaard, tennis couts, volleyball area, bonfire, beach bamboo raft, camp site, scuba diving center

Coral Beach
Large Swimming Pool, Spa and Salon, Monthly Golf tournament, Water Sports, Floating Raft, Yacht Charter, Billiard Table, Golf nearby

Al Fresco
Air-conditiones rooms, cable TV, multipurpose hall, private beach front, bamboo beach raft, fishing, island hopping, picnic tables, private cabanas, Massage Therapy

Dina's Beach Resort
Amenities: Swimming pool, aircon rooms, grill station, nipa cottages, videoke, billiards, mahjong, darts, basketball, volleyball, boat rentals

La Primavera Beach Resort
Swimming, Shell Haunting, Scuba, Snorkelling, Fishing, Kayaking, Surfing, Banana Boat,
Pedal Boats, Jet ski, aircon rooms, floating raft, picnic tables, native cottages

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Products of Batangas

Batangas Pasalubong and other products of Batangas

If you are thinking of souvenirs and pasalubong from Batangas, the list below might help you

1. Balisong
 Batangas is famous for its balisong or butterfly knives.  There is a barangay in Taal - Brgy. Balisong where Balisong making is one of the occupation of the villagers.  It is a thriving business before but balisong is getting less and less popular.

You can ask for  balisong keychains. It is the smallest balisong that I found.

2. Panutsa
Panuta or panotsa is a sweet treat made from peanuts and brown sugar. It is similar to the peanut brittle of Bicol region. However, panutsa has a darker color and has bigger nuts.

3. Atsara or Achara
Atsara is pickled papaya. Unripe papaya is grated and mixed with vinegar, carrot slices, ginger, onion and garlic.  Atsara taste sour and is usually being served as side dish with meals like pork chop.

You can buy atsara in jars or small bottles at the public market.  Try searching for Calaca achara.

4. Embroidery

5. Tapang Taal
Tapang Taal is made with pork.

6. Balayan Bagoong
Patis and Bagoong


Cavite and Tagayatay  is getting more famous with Bulalo but Batangas Bulalo is also delicious.

9.Kapeng Barako
Of course, you should not miss this one! It is the famous product of Batangas

10. Lechon
Cebu Lechon is famous across the country but Balayan also prouds itself with Lechon.
In fact, there is also a lechon festival in Balayan.

11. More lile buko pie,  sweetened sampalok, rimas, etc

Monday, April 28, 2014

Other Places to Visit in Batangas: Caleruega

If you no longer want to get your feet wet on the beaches and if you're contented with beach sunbathing, you can still enjoy in batangas by visiting other places like Caleruega.

Caleruega is a Catholic church in Kaylaway, Nasugbu, Batangas which is just a few minutes away from Tagaytay. It is a retreat center filled with blooming plants and flowers.

You must visit the transfiguration chapel,relax near the koi ponds, and walk across the hanging bridge.

List of Beach Resorts in Calatagan Batangas

 Beach Resorts in Calatagan Batangas

Calatagan is derived from the word 'latag' which means plains or 'kapatagan'
It is approximately 125 kilometers southeast of Manila and 93 kilometers west of Batangas City. Calatagan is around 3-4 hours drive from Manila.
  • Aquaria
  • Banak House
  • Blue Waters Calatagan
  • Burot Beach
  • Casa Astillero 
  • Golden Sunset - Brgy Uno
  • Puesto Del Sol
  • Playa Calatagan Village - Brgy. Sta. Ana
  • Nacua's Sea Park and Fishing Resort
  • Lago de Oro
  • Rosegold Beach Resort & Hotel‎
  • Ronco Beach Resort  - Brgy. Bagong Silang
  • Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
  • Sunrise Cove
  • Villa Agustina Beach Resort -

Other activities to enjoy in Calatagan:
Play golf at Calatagan Golf Club
Visit Santo Domingo de Silos Parish Church
Visit Cape Santiago Lighthouse
Witness release of Baby Pawikan 
Support Pawikan Rescue, Butanding Rescue, Dolphin Rescue 

Beach Resorts in Nasugbu Batangas

I've been in Nasugbu for so many times but I never had enough time enjoying beaches.

Which resort below will you recommend?

Maryland Beach Resort   Website:

Berna Beach Resort        Website:
Offers air-conditioned rooms, private hot and cold shower, cable TV,gazebos, umbrella tables, and pavillion, speedboat, gbanana boat, jet ski, ATV

Johndel Beach Resort
For the map, refer to

Forest Cove Beach House

Villa Rebekah Resorts
Apacible Blvd., Nasugbu, Batangas

Kawayan Cove

Canyon Cove

List of Beach Resorts in Matabungkay

The Coral Beach Club
Offers Water sports,snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing trip, jet skis, banana boat, seafront garden, large swimming pool, jacuzzi, full-size pool table, book and DVD library, "balsa", floating raft, golf, spa and salon

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Activities to enjoy on La Virginia

1.Zip Line

2.Picture Taking

3.Enjoy the view at tree house

4.Wall Climbing

Top Spots on La Virginia Resorts and Hotels

La Virginia Resort Attractions

Please don't forget to fully charge your cellphones and cameras when you go to La Virginia.
Believe me, you'll consume lots of battery and physical energy trying to take pictures in every corner of La Virginia resort.

Here are some places that you shouldn't miss on La Virginia resorts and Hotel.

1. Castle

This castle looks like a mini Fantasy World castle in Lemery, Batangas

2. Giraffes

I won't say that these giraffes are life-size. I never saw a giraffe before but they look like taller than the real ones. There are lots of animal statues and cartoon character statues like these on La Virginia    but these ones are the tallest.


From the tree house, this spot is hard to miss.

4.Helicopters on Kiddie pool

Yeah, just for kids. See those water propellers?

How much is the entrance fee on La Virginia? As of April 2014,  entance fee is 300 pesos per adult (13yrs and above)  and 200 pesos for children (4yrs-12yrs). Free entrance for children below 4years old.

How to go to La Virginia Resorts? From Manila, take SLEX and STAR tollway. Exit at the Lipa Exit.
Turn left going to Fernando Airbase then turn right going to municipality of Mataas na Kahoy. There is a roadsig going to the resort from Fernando Airbase and more signs in  Mataas na Kahoy.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

List of Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Beach Resorts in Laiya

Blue Coral Beach Resort

Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuaverde Beach Resort

Estrellas De Mendoza

Kabayan Resort

Laiya Coco Grove

Laiya White Cove

La Luz Resort

Palm Beach

Paseo Verde

Punto Miguel

Sabangan Beach Resort

Sigayan Bay

Virgin Beach Resort

Taramindu Beach Resort

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hotels in Batangas

Ponte Fino

Days Hotel Batangas

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bluroze Farm Review

Bluroze Fa

Nature lovers will enjoy at this peaceful place.  Bluroze place serves as habitat for deers, ostriches, ducks, flocks of pigeons and guinea hens.  They also take care for a group of monkeys, crocodiles, eagles and bear cat

I just noticed that Bluroze is hard to spell out.  I initially keyed in Blue rose and then Blue Roze but the proper name is Bluroze. Anyway, there's only one Bluroze farm in Lipa, Batangas and you won't miss it.  It is very popular.  It serves as a picnic grouund, dating place, and sometimes a wedding venue.

It is similar to La Mesa Eco Park with lots of ornamental and fruit bearing trees but Blu Roze has more amenities and freely roaming animals.

They have a wide playground for kids. Swings, slides and hanging bridges!!.

You can also try their forest maze! inside the maze, you'll discover a small lake for swimming ducks and a good view for running ostriches.

Near the playground, you'll find grotto and various lifesize Catholic statues.

Bluroze has the space suitable for company gatherings and team building activities.
Because of Blueroze tranquility, you can also conduct your retreat, camping,  or enjoy your relaxation at this place.  When we went in Blueroze, there's a wedding celebration at their wide function hall.

Don't worry about the food. There is a small restaurant that offers snacks, sandwiches, full meals and drinks. I can guarantee you that they serve generous amout of food for the price you pay them.
You can bundle your entrance fee and food.

Bluroze Farm is one of my personal top 3 choices for places to visit in Batangas
You can refer to their website for more  info

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