Tuesday, May 27, 2014

List of Resorts in Talisay, Batangas

Talisay also offers beaches and resorts. In Talisay, you'll to enjoy a different view of the famous Taal Volcano. In Tagaytay, you'll witness a top view of Taal Volcano but in Talisay you'll get a much closer view.

The list below was derived from http://www.talisaybatangas.gov.ph/.  On this government site, you'll get to discover more about Talisay and nearby tourist attractions.

4 C’s Beach Resort  

Casa Rosa Resort by the Lake

Club Balai Isabel
One of the most popular and biggest resort in Talisay!  It even served as a wedding venue of celebrities and team building site of huge companies in the Philippines.

Foothills Resort and Restaurant

Jung Ang Interventure Corp

Kay Liling Resort
Located in Barangay Banga. Their page is https://www.facebook.com/KayLiling

Leynes Resort
Natalia’s Guest House

Rockfort Lake Resort
San Roque Paradise Resort
Taal Lake Boat Services
Taal Lake Yacht Club
Taal Volcano Boat Rental
Talisay Greenlake Resort
Tantiongco’s Resort
Tourister Picnic Place
Tropical Jungle Resort
Villa Amparo Resort
Villa Caloocan Beach Resort

Website: http://vcresort.blogspot.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/villacaloocanresort

Villa Khristalene Resort
Villa Manalo Beach Resort

Im still verifying this out.  But I believe all beach resorts may refer to LAKE RESORTS ! not a sea beach.

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