Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer 2015 in Batangas

Wow! It's summer again once again which means overwhelming heat all over the Philippines.
And what can we do during summer? Of course, the top answer will be vacation trips and splashing in beaches.

Every summer, the popular destination in Batangas is Laiya (San Juan), Nasugbu and Anilao.
Some of the famous resorts in Laiya are La Luz, Blue Coral and Acuatico.  Nasugbu is also visited frequently by tourists because of its beaches and proximity to  Tagaytay. Some of Nasugbu beaches are Hamilo Coast, Punta Fuego, and Canyon Cove. Lastly, Batangas have Anilao which is not known for beaches but famous for being one of the top diving spots in the Philippines.
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