Sunday, March 10, 2013

Resort in Batangas Casa Corazon

Casa Corazon Vintage Bike Collection
Casa Corazaon Vintage Bike

Do  you love cars? Do you love bikes? Do you love motorcycles? Do you love vintages?

Casa Corazon in Lemery, Batangas showcases more than 160 vintage and classic cars, bikes, and motorcycles.  It is known as the only one in Asia.
Casa Corazon also cares for around 200 rare exotic birds.

I had an idea to visit this resort  in Batangas after watching a Rated-K episode featuring the beauty of Casa Corazon. You can visit Casa Corazon Photos  for additional pictures and main website in

To view some photos of their birds, visit  their Aviary Gallery page.

Casa Corazon Hotel, Resort and Convention Center is a great place to relax and unwind.

My review of Casa Corazon Resorts. Its advantage and disadvantage
It is near in Lemery commercial center
Minutes away also from Tagaytay
Big collection of motorbikes
Big collection of old bicycles
And big collection of vintage cars
Lots of colorful, exotic and rare to find birds in their aviary

Swimming pool is not that elegant, Swimming pools don't have high slides, or cozy fountains (anyway, it is also closed for cleaning/renovation when we got there). I hope it is better now

Casa Corazon is a place to go for cars and bike lovers. Also, a good place to see different species of birds and other vintage items.  If you want a resort that offers MORE than a swimming pool, Casa Corazon is a right choice.It will be an all-in-one trip.

How to go to Casa Corazon:
Directions going to Casa Corazon
Ride a bus from Manila to Lemery. From Lemery, take a jeepney going to Calaca or Balayan.

If you come from Lemery, you'll find Casa Corazon at your right side. Casa Corazon is near the boundary of Lemery and Calaca. 

You'll see Casa Corazon before you pass the center of Calaca Municipality.

If you are coming down from Tagaytay, you don't need to pass the center of Lemery.
In the diversion, turn right going to Calaca/Balayan.
Again, you'll see Casa Corazon before you pass the center of Calaca Municipality.

If you are still afraid of getting lost, you can use this map from their own site

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Resort in Batangas: Coconut Hills Beach Resort

Another great way to spend the summer is going to Bauan beaches and visit Coconut Hills Beach Resort.
Coconut Hills offers bungalows made of concrete and bamboos and a relaxing ambiance.

Although the sands are not as fine as the sands on Boracay, they are still white.
I don't have photos but   you can visit their gallery of photos on their website here

You can  also reach this place by riding a boat near Anilao Market.

Resort in Batangas Casita Ysabel

I received a warmth welcome when I arrived here
They toured me around with their facilities and even pointed to me some visiting harmless baby sharks.

How to go to Casita Ysabel:

Directions going to Casita Ysabel
Here is the direction provided on their website

Monday, March 4, 2013

Arthur's Place Resort in Batangas

Arthur's Place Resort in Batangas

Another diving resort in Batangas is Arthur's Place in Batangas.
I had a short walk around the resort and observed the cleanliness of the surrounding.
They have billiards and clean restrooms.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vista Aplaya Resort in Batangas

One of the activities that you can enjoy in beach resorts is watching the sunset.
That's what I did around Vista Aplaya in Mabini Batangas.

I took some photos and I'm sharing it with you here.

if you are wandering on how to go to Vista Aplaya in Batangas, you can refer to this map offered on their website Vista Aplaya Map
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