Wednesday, April 30, 2014

List of Beach Resorts in Lian Batangas

Lian Batangas Beach Resorts

Balsa (Floating rafts) and White sands is the trademark of Lian and Matabungkay beaches.
If you are searching for beach resorts in Lian, you can select on the list of resort below

Bella Beach Resort
Activities: Swimming pool, BBQ/Grill, Billiard Table, Children's play area, Videoke, Snorkeling, Balsa(floating beach raft), Boat Tours
Events: Bella Beach Band Nights, Town Fiesta, Balsa festival

Tide Water Resort
Facilities:Infinity pool, bath house, pavilion & Bar, Activity area, kayaking, snorkeling, frisbee out door bar

Cafe Caballero, Wave Music Lounge & Sports Bar, pool bar, Playa Grill, Cogon Bar,
Outdoor games, laser tag, kiddie and adult swimming pools. water sports facilities, souvenir shop. basketball court, outdoor chessboaard, tennis couts, volleyball area, bonfire, beach bamboo raft, camp site, scuba diving center

Coral Beach
Large Swimming Pool, Spa and Salon, Monthly Golf tournament, Water Sports, Floating Raft, Yacht Charter, Billiard Table, Golf nearby

Al Fresco
Air-conditiones rooms, cable TV, multipurpose hall, private beach front, bamboo beach raft, fishing, island hopping, picnic tables, private cabanas, Massage Therapy

Dina's Beach Resort
Amenities: Swimming pool, aircon rooms, grill station, nipa cottages, videoke, billiards, mahjong, darts, basketball, volleyball, boat rentals

La Primavera Beach Resort
Swimming, Shell Haunting, Scuba, Snorkelling, Fishing, Kayaking, Surfing, Banana Boat,
Pedal Boats, Jet ski, aircon rooms, floating raft, picnic tables, native cottages

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