Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Products of Batangas

Batangas Pasalubong and other products of Batangas

If you are thinking of souvenirs and pasalubong from Batangas, the list below might help you

1. Balisong
 Batangas is famous for its balisong or butterfly knives.  There is a barangay in Taal - Brgy. Balisong where Balisong making is one of the occupation of the villagers.  It is a thriving business before but balisong is getting less and less popular.

You can ask for  balisong keychains. It is the smallest balisong that I found.

2. Panutsa
Panuta or panotsa is a sweet treat made from peanuts and brown sugar. It is similar to the peanut brittle of Bicol region. However, panutsa has a darker color and has bigger nuts.

3. Atsara or Achara
Atsara is pickled papaya. Unripe papaya is grated and mixed with vinegar, carrot slices, ginger, onion and garlic.  Atsara taste sour and is usually being served as side dish with meals like pork chop.

You can buy atsara in jars or small bottles at the public market.  Try searching for Calaca achara.

4. Embroidery

5. Tapang Taal
Tapang Taal is made with pork.

6. Balayan Bagoong
Patis and Bagoong


Cavite and Tagayatay  is getting more famous with Bulalo but Batangas Bulalo is also delicious.

9.Kapeng Barako
Of course, you should not miss this one! It is the famous product of Batangas

10. Lechon
Cebu Lechon is famous across the country but Balayan also prouds itself with Lechon.
In fact, there is also a lechon festival in Balayan.

11. More lile buko pie,  sweetened sampalok, rimas, etc

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