Sunday, April 20, 2014

Top Spots on La Virginia Resorts and Hotels

La Virginia Resort Attractions

Please don't forget to fully charge your cellphones and cameras when you go to La Virginia.
Believe me, you'll consume lots of battery and physical energy trying to take pictures in every corner of La Virginia resort.

Here are some places that you shouldn't miss on La Virginia resorts and Hotel.

1. Castle

This castle looks like a mini Fantasy World castle in Lemery, Batangas

2. Giraffes

I won't say that these giraffes are life-size. I never saw a giraffe before but they look like taller than the real ones. There are lots of animal statues and cartoon character statues like these on La Virginia    but these ones are the tallest.


From the tree house, this spot is hard to miss.

4.Helicopters on Kiddie pool

Yeah, just for kids. See those water propellers?

How much is the entrance fee on La Virginia? As of April 2014,  entance fee is 300 pesos per adult (13yrs and above)  and 200 pesos for children (4yrs-12yrs). Free entrance for children below 4years old.

How to go to La Virginia Resorts? From Manila, take SLEX and STAR tollway. Exit at the Lipa Exit.
Turn left going to Fernando Airbase then turn right going to municipality of Mataas na Kahoy. There is a roadsig going to the resort from Fernando Airbase and more signs in  Mataas na Kahoy.

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