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List of Beach Resort in Lemery Batangas

List of Beach Resort in Lemery Batangas

Lemery is one of the busiest town in Batangas.
Its easy to reach Lemery because there are buses in Manila that passes through SLEX and Lipa Startollway and goes directly to Lemery. Furthermore, there are also vans that travels from Manila to Lemery. You can also reach Lemery from Tagaytay road.  Regardless which route you choose, the travel time is roughly 2-3 hours.

From Lemery town proper, you can rent a tricycle and pay 80 pesos (as of May 2014)  to reach your selected beach resort in Nonong Casto.

You can choose for your Lemery resort on the long list below. Most, if not all,  are located in Nonong Casto, Lemery, Batangas.  You also view other pictures on this page Resorts in Lemery.

What to expect in Lemery Beaches?

Don't expect white sands in Lemery!  Nonong Casto beaches is covered with black, fine sands.
I'm sorry but no turquoise blue water also.  So why should you go?  Its a beach near Manila. The rates are cheap. Entrace fee is very affordable. Some resorts are offering as low as 50 pesos for the entrance and 500 pesos for the cottage.   You can ride a boat going to a hot spring, island, or white sand beach for additional fee.  You can also enjoy your favorite sports in Lemery beaches.  Want to play volleyball?

A Santos Resort
Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, Restaurant, Snack bar, Videoke hall, Lounge, Beach volleyball court, Basketball court, Boating,  leisure activities, Billiard hall, Picnic huts, Beach cottages, Pavilion

Abaksa Beach Resort

Leonor Beach Resort
Native cottages, Nipa huts, Swimming pools, Convenience stores, Spacious parking lots

Beach volleyball, Billiards, Basketball, Badminton, Entertainment (Acoustic performances,Rock Bands, OPM performances during summer weekends), Videoke machines

Heart of D' Ocean

La Suena Brisa Resort
Grand Villas, wi-fi access, infinity pool with color logic lights, big function roms, restaurant and catering services, aviary, table tennis, billiard, bar, restaurant, children playgorund

Villa Gracia Beach Resort
Basketball court,volleyball court, children swimming pool, oudoor swimming pool, BBQ pit, fishing, internet access, picnic area, beach, garden, karaoke,restaurant

CML Beach Resort and Water Park
New addition to the thriving beach resorts in Lemery Batangas.
Enjoy their new facilities. Try their super long and winding slides.

Just from the entrance gate, you can tell that CML is one of the best resort in Lemery.
Their rate is higher than nearby resorts but their amenities is clearly better.

List of Beach Resorts in Lian Batangas

Lian Batangas Beach Resorts

Balsa (Floating rafts) and White sands is the trademark of Lian and Matabungkay beaches.
If you are searching for beach resorts in Lian, you can select on the list of resort below

Bella Beach Resort
Activities: Swimming pool, BBQ/Grill, Billiard Table, Children's play area, Videoke, Snorkeling, Balsa(floating beach raft), Boat Tours
Events: Bella Beach Band Nights, Town Fiesta, Balsa festival

Tide Water Resort
Facilities:Infinity pool, bath house, pavilion & Bar, Activity area, kayaking, snorkeling, frisbee out door bar

Cafe Caballero, Wave Music Lounge & Sports Bar, pool bar, Playa Grill, Cogon Bar,
Outdoor games, laser tag, kiddie and adult swimming pools. water sports facilities, souvenir shop. basketball court, outdoor chessboaard, tennis couts, volleyball area, bonfire, beach bamboo raft, camp site, scuba diving center

Coral Beach
Large Swimming Pool, Spa and Salon, Monthly Golf tournament, Water Sports, Floating Raft, Yacht Charter, Billiard Table, Golf nearby

Al Fresco
Air-conditiones rooms, cable TV, multipurpose hall, private beach front, bamboo beach raft, fishing, island hopping, picnic tables, private cabanas, Massage Therapy

Dina's Beach Resort
Amenities: Swimming pool, aircon rooms, grill station, nipa cottages, videoke, billiards, mahjong, darts, basketball, volleyball, boat rentals

La Primavera Beach Resort
Swimming, Shell Haunting, Scuba, Snorkelling, Fishing, Kayaking, Surfing, Banana Boat,
Pedal Boats, Jet ski, aircon rooms, floating raft, picnic tables, native cottages

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Products of Batangas

Batangas Pasalubong and other products of Batangas

If you are thinking of souvenirs and pasalubong from Batangas, the list below might help you

1. Balisong
 Batangas is famous for its balisong or butterfly knives.  There is a barangay in Taal - Brgy. Balisong where Balisong making is one of the occupation of the villagers.  It is a thriving business before but balisong is getting less and less popular.

You can ask for  balisong keychains. It is the smallest balisong that I found.

2. Panutsa
Panuta or panotsa is a sweet treat made from peanuts and brown sugar. It is similar to the peanut brittle of Bicol region. However, panutsa has a darker color and has bigger nuts.

3. Atsara or Achara
Atsara is pickled papaya. Unripe papaya is grated and mixed with vinegar, carrot slices, ginger, onion and garlic.  Atsara taste sour and is usually being served as side dish with meals like pork chop.

You can buy atsara in jars or small bottles at the public market.  Try searching for Calaca achara.

4. Embroidery

5. Tapang Taal
Tapang Taal is made with pork.

6. Balayan Bagoong
Patis and Bagoong


Cavite and Tagayatay  is getting more famous with Bulalo but Batangas Bulalo is also delicious.

9.Kapeng Barako
Of course, you should not miss this one! It is the famous product of Batangas

10. Lechon
Cebu Lechon is famous across the country but Balayan also prouds itself with Lechon.
In fact, there is also a lechon festival in Balayan.

11. More lile buko pie,  sweetened sampalok, rimas, etc

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Other Places to Visit in Batangas: Caleruega

If you no longer want to get your feet wet on the beaches and if you're contented with beach sunbathing, you can still enjoy in batangas by visiting other places like Caleruega.

Caleruega is a Catholic church in Kaylaway, Nasugbu, Batangas which is just a few minutes away from Tagaytay. It is a retreat center filled with blooming plants and flowers.

You must visit the transfiguration chapel,relax near the koi ponds, and walk across the hanging bridge.

List of Beach Resorts in Calatagan Batangas

 Beach Resorts in Calatagan Batangas

Calatagan is derived from the word 'latag' which means plains or 'kapatagan'
It is approximately 125 kilometers southeast of Manila and 93 kilometers west of Batangas City. Calatagan is around 3-4 hours drive from Manila.
  • Aquaria
  • Banak House
  • Blue Waters Calatagan
  • Burot Beach
  • Casa Astillero 
  • Golden Sunset - Brgy Uno
  • Puesto Del Sol
  • Playa Calatagan Village - Brgy. Sta. Ana
  • Nacua's Sea Park and Fishing Resort
  • Lago de Oro
  • Rosegold Beach Resort & Hotel‎
  • Ronco Beach Resort  - Brgy. Bagong Silang
  • Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
  • Sunrise Cove
  • Villa Agustina Beach Resort -

Other activities to enjoy in Calatagan:
Play golf at Calatagan Golf Club
Visit Santo Domingo de Silos Parish Church
Visit Cape Santiago Lighthouse
Witness release of Baby Pawikan 
Support Pawikan Rescue, Butanding Rescue, Dolphin Rescue 

Beach Resorts in Nasugbu Batangas

I've been in Nasugbu for so many times but I never had enough time enjoying beaches.

Which resort below will you recommend?

Maryland Beach Resort   Website:

Berna Beach Resort        Website:
Offers air-conditioned rooms, private hot and cold shower, cable TV,gazebos, umbrella tables, and pavillion, speedboat, gbanana boat, jet ski, ATV

Johndel Beach Resort
For the map, refer to

Forest Cove Beach House

Villa Rebekah Resorts
Apacible Blvd., Nasugbu, Batangas

Kawayan Cove

Canyon Cove

List of Beach Resorts in Matabungkay

The Coral Beach Club
Offers Water sports,snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing trip, jet skis, banana boat, seafront garden, large swimming pool, jacuzzi, full-size pool table, book and DVD library, "balsa", floating raft, golf, spa and salon

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Activities to enjoy on La Virginia

1.Zip Line

2.Picture Taking

3.Enjoy the view at tree house

4.Wall Climbing

Top Spots on La Virginia Resorts and Hotels

La Virginia Resort Attractions

Please don't forget to fully charge your cellphones and cameras when you go to La Virginia.
Believe me, you'll consume lots of battery and physical energy trying to take pictures in every corner of La Virginia resort.

Here are some places that you shouldn't miss on La Virginia resorts and Hotel.

1. Castle

This castle looks like a mini Fantasy World castle in Lemery, Batangas

2. Giraffes

I won't say that these giraffes are life-size. I never saw a giraffe before but they look like taller than the real ones. There are lots of animal statues and cartoon character statues like these on La Virginia    but these ones are the tallest.


From the tree house, this spot is hard to miss.

4.Helicopters on Kiddie pool

Yeah, just for kids. See those water propellers?

How much is the entrance fee on La Virginia? As of April 2014,  entance fee is 300 pesos per adult (13yrs and above)  and 200 pesos for children (4yrs-12yrs). Free entrance for children below 4years old.

How to go to La Virginia Resorts? From Manila, take SLEX and STAR tollway. Exit at the Lipa Exit.
Turn left going to Fernando Airbase then turn right going to municipality of Mataas na Kahoy. There is a roadsig going to the resort from Fernando Airbase and more signs in  Mataas na Kahoy.

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