Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Resorts in Tanauan Batangas

Tanauan is one of the nearest part of Batangas to Manila. If you have little travel time to spare, Sto. Tomas as well as Tanauan resorts are good choices.

You don't need to go deep in Batangas to have a good resort experience. Tanauan offers both public and private resort.  Tanauan will also offer you a good view of the Taal Volcano. We're listing some of the resorts in Tanauan here and there corresponding websites or facebook pages.

Most of them serves as outing venues for family bonding and team building.  Other also offers catering for big occasions like birthday and wedding celebrations.

1. Awilihan Resort

2. Hacienda Darasa

3. Montecillo De Leon Resort


4.Tierra Salva Lake View Resort


5.Alon Garden Resort

6. Averosa Resort
Averosa Resort Facebook Page

7.Armigero Resort

8. Sucasa Resort

9. La Deste Resort

10. Uncle Vince Place

11.Villa Carandang Resort

12.Villa Glover Resort

There are more resorts and swimming pool in Tanauan, Batangas and the list will go on as more resorts are being opened.  You can also check this site for other resorts in Tanauan

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