Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anilao Outrigger Resort

Sea’s Spring Resort Hotel

Vistamar Beach Resort

Eagle Point Resort Batangas

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rio Villa Nuevo Freshwater Resort in Cavite

This one is from Cavite area but also worth mentioning

Most of the swimming pools I enjoyed are heavily chlorinated or treated chemically. They are the type of water that you don't want to drink accidentally.But the one that we experienced in Cavite is a unique one. The swimming pools in the resort were filled with freshwater coming from adjacent river.

Its colder than the usual pool water. Unlike other pools, there are parts that are naturally flowing because of the current of the river. Other highlights on Rio Villa Nuevo Resort is their small waterfall.  They have a short manmade cave or tunnel and at its end is a small waterfall.

Most paints of the resort were worn out but we still enjoy the uniqueness of the resort!

Here is another article

Monday, July 8, 2013

Blue Coral Resort in San Juan

Another good beach resort in San Juan, Batangas is Blue Coral.

I appreciate the hotel rooms, the tree house, koi pond, swimming pools, banana boat and their clean rest rooms.

The food is good too. Believe me, you must taste their fried kangkong

During the day, it is accessible by public transportation. You can ride an fx/van in Lipa city near the Bus terminal.  The last stop of the van is a public market where you need to find a jeepney going to Laiya. This jeepney  will lead you to blue coral. Just inform the driver that your destination is Blue Coral.

Photos from Blue Coral

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