Friday, May 16, 2014

More Photos on Casa Corazon Resort

More pictures from Casa Corazon

Do you  want to have a ride on this bike?  On my previous post Casa Corazon Review, I shared about the unique Cosa Corazon. It is a resort filled with vintage cars and motorbikes.  Most of them are BMW just like striking red BMW above.  Here are the additional photos from the resort.

This is the swimming pool of Casa Corazon.   It's under maintenance when we went here last year

This bahay kubo is surrounded by a collection of cars, bikes, and motorbikes, and colorful birds.
The rock looking thing near the roof is actually a bike covered in brown cloth.

Honda Motorbikes

They also have vintage Honda Bikes.  These bikes are small.  too small!!

One, two, three, ...seventeen? I lost count.

Can you see the door handle?  It's not on the side.

How does it feel to be an Asian princess?  Casa Corazon also have collection of Asian antiques and Asian arts . Its like a mini museum.

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