Sunday, May 11, 2014

Suncrest: Resort with Swimming Pool in Taal, Batangas

Suncrest Tropical Resort and Events Place Review

Suncrest is a newly opened resort in Balisong, Taal Batangas.
It's around  5 minutes away from Taal Town proper and Taal Basilica.  It opened its door just last March 2013.

Suncrest is perfect for celebrating birthdays, debuts, weddding, company outings, and team building activities.

Suncrest resort is perfect for sudden trips or sudden need for swimming pools for Taalenos and Batanguenos.

How much is the entrance fee?
Suncrest entrance fee is 100 pesos for Adult and 80 pesos for kids 3ft and below.

How much is the fee for Gazebo and Tables?
Gazebo which is good for 10 persons costs 500 pesos while tables which are good for 6 persons costs 300 pesos each.  I think they only have around 5 gazebos but they have a big funcion hall.

Furthermore, you can rent the whole suncrest resort exclusively for your family or friends
for 20,000 pesos. This includes the big function hall. If you don't need the function hall, you can negotiate with the management.  I think you can have a deal as low as 12,000 pesos for the use of pool and gazebos.

Suncrest Resort Review

What I like about Suncrest?
It is near Taal town proper. It is near the main highway and it is not hard to find.
Actually, it is just a walking distance from the highway. But since its my first time,
I paid a tricycle driver to accompany me going to the resort. The short ride costs me just 20pesos.

You can rent Suncrest exclusively for your family or friends at an affordable price.
Don't worry about the parking lot because they have enough
And most of all, the resort is clean and well maintained.

What I dont like about Suncrest Resort?
No beach. ( I didn't expect one cause its not near the ocean)
Due to extreme hot weather, the swimming pool water is too hot. It gives me a feeling that I'm in a hot sring. It's a good thing that the water temperature improves as the sun sets.

I'm confused if there is a comfort room or toilet dedicated for boys and girls.
There are two separate comfort rooms but I found no labels in it.

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