Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bluroze Farm Review

Bluroze Fa

Nature lovers will enjoy at this peaceful place.  Bluroze place serves as habitat for deers, ostriches, ducks, flocks of pigeons and guinea hens.  They also take care for a group of monkeys, crocodiles, eagles and bear cat

I just noticed that Bluroze is hard to spell out.  I initially keyed in Blue rose and then Blue Roze but the proper name is Bluroze. Anyway, there's only one Bluroze farm in Lipa, Batangas and you won't miss it.  It is very popular.  It serves as a picnic grouund, dating place, and sometimes a wedding venue.

It is similar to La Mesa Eco Park with lots of ornamental and fruit bearing trees but Blu Roze has more amenities and freely roaming animals.

They have a wide playground for kids. Swings, slides and hanging bridges!!.

You can also try their forest maze! inside the maze, you'll discover a small lake for swimming ducks and a good view for running ostriches.

Near the playground, you'll find grotto and various lifesize Catholic statues.

Bluroze has the space suitable for company gatherings and team building activities.
Because of Blueroze tranquility, you can also conduct your retreat, camping,  or enjoy your relaxation at this place.  When we went in Blueroze, there's a wedding celebration at their wide function hall.

Don't worry about the food. There is a small restaurant that offers snacks, sandwiches, full meals and drinks. I can guarantee you that they serve generous amout of food for the price you pay them.
You can bundle your entrance fee and food.

Bluroze Farm is one of my personal top 3 choices for places to visit in Batangas
You can refer to their website for more  info

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