Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What to see in Villa Jovita in Agoncillo ?

Villa Jovita is another resort to visit in the province of Batangas.
It is located in Barangay Santa Cruz, Agoncillo, Batangas.

You can visit the resort for just 100 pesos entrance fee. When we visited last April 2017, the resort is just on soft opening and we paid just 50 pesos for the entrance.

Unlike other resorts which showcases beach and sea side, Villa Jovita has swimming pool and access to river. One can swim on selected small part of a river. Since river has varying depth, other areas of the river are restricted or not endorsed to public due to security concern. Anyway, the resort provides a long relaxing view of the river.

During our visit, they have sunflower displays. It is a favorite spot for selfies and picture taking.
Sunflowers, bougainvilleas, quotes written on boards, were arranged around a simple wood bench.
It is a perfect spot for relaxation if there are less people who takes pictures.

The resort offers cottages, room, and tent for accomodation. The place is small and it can easily be overcrowded by visitors especially during peak season. There's more than one swimming pool but all of them are small.

I recommend Villa Jovita for small group of persons. We also suggest to make reservation in advance or inquire regarding the number of existing guests.

Also, the long stretch of river provides a beautiful panoramic view during summer and good weather but the view will be unpleasant or muddy during heavy rains.

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