Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pyramid Dreams Resort in San Luis, Batangas

San Luis is a less popular town in the province of Batangas but it also has its own share of beaches and resorts.  San Luis is right beside Anilao or Mabini. In fact, San Luis serves as a pick up point or parking space for those who wants to go to Anilao by boat.

Along the beach of San Luis is Pyramid Dreams Resort which is commonly called as Pyramid by the locals.

Pyramid Resort is located in Banoyo, San Luis and you can explore their amenities on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pyramid-Dreams-Resort/115069355193472

The beach is not as good as other beaches in Batangas but the resort looks good.

The sand is black but the sea is so alive. When we went on the beach area , we were able to catch a  crab, a small janitor-like fish and one baby sea horse that appears like a small eel.

Their facebook page contains several spots inside Pyramid resort and the surroundings looks clean
and relaxing.  It also appears that it is a common venue for Wedding event.

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